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Shopper bag / ARGENTUM


Shopper bag / ARGENTUM


(price excl. VAT)

The handbag integrally made of 100 % experienced sails. All our bags are hand-sewn with love in Poland and consist of the components made only in Europe.

Within each bag you can find a stamp with geographic coordinates that indicate where a sail spent most of its life. Some parts of sails may carry the marks of the adventures they experienced. Please treat them as memories.

Bags description:

  • Inside additional purse with zip fastener and the ability to quickly detach stainless steel shackle,

  • Closed by metal latch,

  • The whole bag sewn with grey/ silver racing spinnaker.

  • Lining in grey/silver spinnaker,

  • Grey rope with grey leather handles.

Handbag dimensions:

  • length 36 cm

  • high 40 cm

Purse dimensions:

  • length 26 cm

  • high 16 cm

These photos are illustrative. Each bag has usually different details. If you want a specific pattern, please point it in the message. We’ll see what we can do.

design: ARGENTUM

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