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Bambini bamboo toothbrush / NESTED

bambini toothbrush.jpg
bambini toothbrush.jpg

Bambini bamboo toothbrush / NESTED


(price excl. vat)

Bamboo is a creative concept in the world. It grows in the same room.

In addition, it is naturally antibacterial, which makes it a great solution for the environment and everyday

oral care. It emits sea extra ions, how antibactering it inhibits

bacterial processing in the oral cavity.

If you follow the recommendations of our dentists, we should exchange toothbrushes. We dispose of 4 plastic toothbrushes per dump each year, because they are not recycled. Up to 40 toothbrushes per decade. Let's say that the average age in which we live in Poland is 75. Up to about 300 plastic toothbrushes, the worse ones 38 million. Do you feel nauseous, not just because maths hurt you?

Packaging: 100% biodegradable cardboard

BPA hair for FREE

Packaging: biodegradable paper box

Design: NESTED

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