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Face massage brush / NESTED


Face massage brush / NESTED


(price excl. vat)

A dry facial massage brush with a softer bristle than Tampico. Perfect for face and neck massage.

Why is it so important in natural, daily care?

Such a massage will not only stimulate the lymphatic system and improve the blood circulation of the face and neck, improving the circulation of nutrients, but mainly thanks to regulating blood circulation in these areas in people struggling with circulation problems, will avoid many health problems. It will help eliminate eg dizziness, migraines, neuralgia, and improve well-being and wonderfully stimulate. Our stressed skin will get rid of excessive muscle tension. Gentle face peeling with a brush makes the face less sensitive than, for example, chemical treatments, does not dehydrate the skin, does not introduce foreign substances into it. Do you need something more?

In addition, a daily, very short massage with a brush improves the functionality of the facial muscles, prevents excessive loss of fat tissue and its unfavorable migration, so it can be openly stated that it is also a rejuvenating treatment.

In the case of such brushes, it would be very important for natural bristles - stiff fibers are often too rough, more scratchy and less elastic.

Remember, do not make too much pressure on the skin - greater strength does not cause any major effects, and may cause local irritation. A full massage should take about 5 minutes, and after the massage should clean the skin and apply a good cream or serum :)

The application technique can be found on our Insta- nested_brushes.

Product created in Poland

Design: NESTED

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