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Face roller / EASY LIVIN


Face roller / EASY LIVIN


(price excl. vat)

Massage roller and facelift, made of beautiful holographic opal. It is a stone that develops imagination and creativity, as well as helping to break free from inhibitions and improving memory. It brings good, happy dreams and facilitates the change process.

The stone closes the pores with coolness, supports lymph drainage and blood circulation. To strengthen the cooling effect - we recommend putting the roller in the fridge before making a massage.

The massager has anti-wrinkle effects, reduces swelling and dark circles under the eyes. You can use it "dry", but we love it even more in a duet with our favorite oil or serum. The roller can be used together with the mask in the sheet, which will allow the active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. The massager is perfect for "preparing" our complexion before the big exit, it perfectly refreshes, brightens and brightens our skin, and wrinkles and wrinkles are shallower.

Our rollers are specially made to order from the highest quality natural stones. We watch over every detail so that the final effect is at the highest level.

Manufaktura, which creates for us these small works of art, specializes in grinding and stone processing, and the majority of the work is done by hand.

Each roller has a hand-engraved logo :)

In addition, we decided to pack massagers in beautiful ecological packages of raw cotton and add to each simple instructions for use.

We believe that they will change your daily nursing rituals into a feast for the body and senses.


* less visibility of the pores

* supports lymph drainage

* improves blood circulation

* it firms - it can work wonders with good oil <3

* reduces swelling and dark circles under the eyes

* calms and relaxes!

* ideal as a relief for the skin after aesthetic medicine treatments

Care roller:

Avoid contact of the metal part with water. The rollers are best cleaned with a damp cloth.

Once a few weeks leave the massager in a sunny place - it will allow the stone to be charged with solar energy and will maintain its glow and properties.

Dimensions: 14x5.5cm

Material: tiger's eye

Country of origin: South Africa

Design: Easy livin

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