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Birthday party and illustration exhibition / DOROTA PAWLICKA

Olga Salamon

Exactly a year ago, we set ourselves a great challenge to open the first concept store promoting design and art created entirely by Polish designers. We devoted a lot of time, strength and energy to create such a unique place in the heart of historic Amsterdam. It was a very difficult year, full of challenges and unexpected corners, but we humbly clamped our teeth and continued with our own work. Thanks to the activity of Salamon Art & Design, we have managed to convince probably not only one person in the Netherlands that Polish design delights not only with great quality products but also with innovative ideas. We have combined young fledgeling brands with the icons of the Polish design industry and we feel very proud and happy that they decided to participate in the creation of such a great project with us.

On the occasion of our anniversary, we would like to invite you to a join the celebration on September 22nd 2018, which we prepared lots of surprises but also an exhibition of Dorota Pawlicka illustrations entitled "NO WOMAN NO KRAJ" (Kraj means country in Polish, pronounced: cry).
The title of the exhibition is the appropriation of one of the more popular slogans of the Black Protests in Poland. The illustrations collide with the current situation with the history indicating that the Polish feminist movement was not created along with protests from a few years ago. Watercolours bring the old stories closer to each other by presenting the silhouettes of both Polish and Dutch women activists in women's movements, pioneers of feminism being an example of independence in their time. Poland and the Netherlands are very different today, also when it comes to women's rights. The juxtaposition of these silhouettes will allow us to observe how much the women's stories were / are universal.

The exhibition related to the strong movements of women seems to us to relate adequately to the strength that accompanies us after a year of creating activities related to Polish art in the Netherlands. Dorota Pawlicka as a painter, illustrator, researcher of Dutch culture, perfectly represents Polish artists and combines both cultures. She is a graduate of painting at the University of fine art in Poznań and the Dutch Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University. Currently, Dorota is writing a doctoral dissertation on the political conditions of the cultural transfer between the Netherlands and Poland during the Cold War.

Foto: Gorzka Rej