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THE ISLAND book launch

Olga Salamon


On the 13th of September, we hosted a special show, we will be hosting a book launch "The Island" imaginary world created by Marek Sapinski.

"The Island" is an architectural and urban development project which was started in the early ’60, by a 12-years old boy from a district of Gdańsk, Nowy Port, in the communism Poland. "It all began with simple pencil drawings in a notebook at a kitchen table…" . Marek was interested in geography, atlases, and maps of the world, and later on also in architecture. He observed his father, who as an architect was struggling with creating his own projects, despite one architectonic style preferred by the ruling party at the times.
In 1979 Marek emigrated from Gdańsk to Amsterdam, where he applied for political asylum, and later got a dutch nationality. Since the year 2000, as an owner of his architect-office, he made projects of some existing houses in the Netherlands. However, deep inside he remained the same little boy who loves to play in creating his own buildings and cities. In contrast to his father architectonic work, projects of Marek’s island were never censored or evaluated by anybody.

„The Island” is not just a plan of different imaginary cities. It is a reflection of Marek’s imagination and memory, a trace of people important in his life (e.g. brother Jacek – San Jack capital, dear friend Henk – Henk Tower; his boss Jos, in Amsterdam – house of the boss in Sado city). However, only Marek knows what he has actually created: a map of thoughts, an ideal country, an alternative reality, or perhaps all of them?
Within 50 years, Marek has designed first in 2D, and later in 3D over 20 cities, located on his imaginary island - Marek's Republic. „The Island” is still growing and developing. It's a life-time project without end.

During the event, we will offer a special price for "The Island book" €25

Foto: Gustavo Velho