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The Beasts opening of exhibition

Olga Salamon


Next event in Salamon Art & Design we hosted on the 1st of June. Illustrations of Polish illustrator Weronika Anna Marianna.

Weronika Anna Marianna comes from Warsaw and is based in Amsterdam. She has experience in many different creative disciplines: natural architecture, graphic design and art direction. 
Illustration is her way of understanding the world and translating emotions to visual stories. Series ‘Beasts’ is an explorations on all sorts of creatures that find shelter in ones inner garden.

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JOULE is an electronic/glitchy/jazz female duo from the UK who create their own art and accessories. JOULE effortlessly invokes the audience to step into the dark atmosphere they create, blending two voices with soft yet unpredictable harmonies and two keyboards with distinct sounds for every composition.

With a funny coincidence story which somehow began in Salamon Art & Design this two ladies, they ended up touring in the Netherlands. We are happy to host their gig in our shop.

Foto: Gorzka Rej