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MONADY most things looks better when you put them in the circle

Olga Salamon

After a short break, we are happy to announce that we are returning with a new exhibition in our showroom. This time we will be presenting works of Polish artist and designer Michal Jurys graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (NL). Michał concentrates in his practice on the relationship between the person and the structures around him. What interests him most is the unique experience of every individual. Therefore his works are an invitation to enter a space of contemplation, exploration and asking questions. Meaning can be found only in the dialogue between us and perceived reality. However, an image of the world we see is still an elusive psychological phenomenon. Currently, Michał lives and works in Amsterdam.

In a new series of graphic works called MONADY Michal will present his studies and reflections about the singularity.

The universe has no visible boundaries, the evening sky can confuse us with immeasurable shades of blue. The number of atoms and particles in our bodies may be measurable, yet they stay out of reach for our imagination.

In the overwhelming vastness with no end, that we cannot grasp, we are happy to find peace in something complete, well defined and in the here and now. At fist glance a circle is something that we can see and measure, at the same time it holds some mystery. If we look deeper we will find infinity within. MONADY is an invitation to look inside and discover the singularity within ourselves.

Get to know more about Michał's works:

The exhibition will last until 5th April

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opening night
22. March 18:00- 21:00
Salamon Art & Design
Rozengracht 75

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