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Landscapes opening of exhibition

Olga Salamon


We are very happy to welcome another polish-dutch artist exhibiting her works in the gallery space of Salamon Art & Design. Amsterdam born (1980) photographer Natalia Blok (a.k.a Blokvanger) has been traveling between the Netherlands and Poland since childhood. Natalia's deep love of landscapes and her keen observing eye were shaped during her many travels, watching the world go by from the back seat of the family car. Often seeing things easily overlooked by others.

These early observing memories still play a major role in her photography today. Her pictures are often subtle and shot in an original, very personal way. It is this subtlety in her approach that makes you want to come back and look at her photos again and again. Discovering something new every time.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by an acoustic concert of very talented duo Chérie van Gazelle The band based in Amsterdam with Marianna Kocsany (Cherry) and Andreas (Jarvis Vega). Their music is a mixture of jazzy pop influences and pure romantic melodies. Every song is inspired by a true story of their unique lives.