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LUBUDUBUM world opening of exhibition

Olga Salamon


This time we will present works of Lyubov Matyunina [RUS], visual artist and filmmaker will present her art prints and fashion collection MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR and LUBUDUBUM inner universe.

“Make love, not war” / sexy edition / - fashion collection by the artist Lyuba Matyunina. Art prints are based on drawings Lyuba made during her work as a shop assistant at one of Amsterdam sex shop. There are 6 unique designs available. The artist herself made all prints on good quality shirts using silkscreen and embroidery techniques. “Make love, not war” art prints are promoting the idea of diversity and mind-openness. 

Let’s love and respect each other, not fight!

At the opening, you can enjoy Bernhard Hollinger live music performance - lo-fi playground. 

"Lo-Fi Playground" is an audio-visual concept, which combines the use of Synthesizers/Drum-machines/Samplers and Visuals. Its improvised and highly adaptive character allows it to change formats, e.g. multimedia-installation and/or performance. The easily expandable setup can reach from a minimalistic solo-appearance to a group-jam. Due to the influence of the DIY-movement and customized/modified gear, it offers a unique sound- and visual experience. Taking advantage of sampled field-recordings, it brings together natural and electronic sounds, all being processed through video-synthesizers and output on TV. The incorporation of analogue equipment is giving it a not very common and retro twist.

Foto: Gorzka Rej