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MONADY most things looks better when you put them in the circle

Olga Salamon

After a short break, we are happy to announce that we are returning with a new exhibition in our showroom. This time we will be presenting works of Polish artist and designer Michal Jurys graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (NL). Michał concentrates in his practice on the relationship between the person and the structures around him. What interests him most is the unique experience of every individual. Therefore his works are an invitation to enter a space of contemplation, exploration and asking questions. Meaning can be found only in the dialogue between us and perceived reality. However, an image of the world we see is still an elusive psychological phenomenon. Currently, Michał lives and works in Amsterdam.

In a new series of graphic works called MONADY Michal will present his studies and reflections about the singularity.

The universe has no visible boundaries, the evening sky can confuse us with immeasurable shades of blue. The number of atoms and particles in our bodies may be measurable, yet they stay out of reach for our imagination.

In the overwhelming vastness with no end, that we cannot grasp, we are happy to find peace in something complete, well defined and in the here and now. At fist glance a circle is something that we can see and measure, at the same time it holds some mystery. If we look deeper we will find infinity within. MONADY is an invitation to look inside and discover the singularity within ourselves.

Get to know more about Michał's works:

The exhibition will last until 5th April

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opening night
22. March 18:00- 21:00
Salamon Art & Design
Rozengracht 75

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"From the good to not so terrible"

Olga Salamon

For the first time in Salamon Art & Design, we open our door for collaboration with Dutch artist and we want to invite all of you to join us for the upcoming exhibition full of great graphics by Ruben de Haas. The event will be happening on  Saturday the 8th of December, door open at 6 pm.

This time without live music but with a great sense of humor we will present a set of black and white illustrations and launch the brand new book full of Ruben's drawings 'From Good To Not So Terrible'.  


more info about the event :

Ruben de Haas is a self-taught Dutch international visual and concept designer. He has worked at creative studios in Melbourne, Bali, Amsterdam, and Mexico doing art direction, branding & strategy, illustrations, graphic design, and cinematography. His works can be recognized by hand-made typography, the use of bold colors, and a peculiar sense of humor.

more info

Don't miss it!

Saturday, December 8th, 6-9pm 

Photos: Gorzka Rej

LUBUDUBUM world opening of exhibition

Olga Salamon


This time we will present works of Lyubov Matyunina [RUS], visual artist and filmmaker will present her art prints and fashion collection MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR and LUBUDUBUM inner universe.

“Make love, not war” / sexy edition / - fashion collection by the artist Lyuba Matyunina. Art prints are based on drawings Lyuba made during her work as a shop assistant at one of Amsterdam sex shop. There are 6 unique designs available. The artist herself made all prints on good quality shirts using silkscreen and embroidery techniques. “Make love, not war” art prints are promoting the idea of diversity and mind-openness. 

Let’s love and respect each other, not fight!

At the opening, you can enjoy Bernhard Hollinger live music performance - lo-fi playground. 

"Lo-Fi Playground" is an audio-visual concept, which combines the use of Synthesizers/Drum-machines/Samplers and Visuals. Its improvised and highly adaptive character allows it to change formats, e.g. multimedia-installation and/or performance. The easily expandable setup can reach from a minimalistic solo-appearance to a group-jam. Due to the influence of the DIY-movement and customized/modified gear, it offers a unique sound- and visual experience. Taking advantage of sampled field-recordings, it brings together natural and electronic sounds, all being processed through video-synthesizers and output on TV. The incorporation of analogue equipment is giving it a not very common and retro twist.

Foto: Gorzka Rej

Landscapes opening of exhibition

Olga Salamon


We are very happy to welcome another polish-dutch artist exhibiting her works in the gallery space of Salamon Art & Design. Amsterdam born (1980) photographer Natalia Blok (a.k.a Blokvanger) has been traveling between the Netherlands and Poland since childhood. Natalia's deep love of landscapes and her keen observing eye were shaped during her many travels, watching the world go by from the back seat of the family car. Often seeing things easily overlooked by others.

These early observing memories still play a major role in her photography today. Her pictures are often subtle and shot in an original, very personal way. It is this subtlety in her approach that makes you want to come back and look at her photos again and again. Discovering something new every time.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by an acoustic concert of very talented duo Chérie van Gazelle The band based in Amsterdam with Marianna Kocsany (Cherry) and Andreas (Jarvis Vega). Their music is a mixture of jazzy pop influences and pure romantic melodies. Every song is inspired by a true story of their unique lives.

Reinilde Jonkhout / Opening of exhibition

Olga Salamon

On 27 January we hosted another event in Salamon Art & Design. This time we will brought set of different artist exhibiting and performing together. 

Both female artist Reinilde and Alejandra Riquelme characterized their works with an explosion of colors, representing a different generation, with a diversity of inspiration both created the unique style of expression which will bring a bit of tropical spirit in the middle of winter into our shop. 

All event was accompanied by the concert of Ippio Payo and Dj set of Franco Najera Sub:terrein AMS

 Foto: Alek Riquelem

Eks graphics / Opening of exhibition

Olga Salamon

Another exhibition at Salamon Art & Design. In December edition we presented artworks of EKS GRAPHICS accompanied by the music of Arnold de Boer/Zea, member of legendary Dutch band The Ex 

• EKS graphics • is the name that rounds up all of Iva Spasojevic's artwork: illustration, animation, design, and comics - all done in various styles and media. Originally from Serbia, Iva works and produces between Amsterdam and Belgrade. Inspired mainly by nature, Japan, flirting with the relationship between life and death, cute and gore, color and monochrome, her art varies in motif and style, all defined with an outline and a characteristic flat art overtone.

• ZEA / style: strange edge
Solo performance from Arnold de Boer (Amsterdam, NL) deploying guitar and sampler for an almighty bout of high energy songs. Urgent lyrics over guitar, roughshod beats and grimy bass lines. This is fat-free music with no words wasted; joyfully obstinate, wonderfully bonkers.

Zea - Song for Electricity and Ya Ya Ya

Foto: Alek Riquelme

Nat Portnoy / Opening of exhibition

Olga Salamon

We started with monthly events of Art exhibitions and concerts at Salamon Art & Design. During the first  November edition we hosted the exhibition of sensual collages by Natalia Daszkiewicz [PL] acompanied by tunned rhythms of multi talents Toto Boroto originally from Aruba.

Playing in different music bands, sometimes guitar, vocals or drums. Toto Boroto is a music composer and performer resident of Amsterdam part of: Black Wednesdays || Toto Boroto & The Flowers || Nancy Acid || The Sasters

Nat Portnoy is a Polish-born, Amsterdam based artist, working in video, installation, object, photography, and painting. Her projects are mainly based on theories of socio-cultural construction. She is interested in examining the cognitive processes of pleasure, exploring its connotations with fetish, self-representation, identity, ritual and the complexity of language used to determine desire.

Foto: Alek Riquelme